Metal MastersA complete warehouse service center

About us

It is important for us to provide our customers with quality products, excellent service at competitive prices.

We are a privately held company which offers advantages to our customers such as:

Decisions are made by the people running the company who have decades of experience.

A lot of other large metal companies are owned by a parent company who calls all of the shots. It may take days before a decision is made by them. Metalmasters has the ability to make decisions quickly.


We own our own fleet of trucks and vans to fill any order that comes our way. Most deliveries are completed within 24-48 hours on in-stock items.

For large orders we have the ability to work directly with the mills to have your materials drop shipped direct to your doorstep or drop location.


In addition to storing metal products for customers, we can have metal related services performed at an expert level. Such as:

Shearing, Laser/Flame/Plasma cutting, Sawing, Slitting, Blanking and Bending.


Over the last few decades we have had many customers with different requirements and professional-level skill sets. If there is a service that you want done but we happen to not do it ourselves then we will refer you to our customers that can perform such services.

In this example we will act as a matchmaker using our vast customer network to ensure your service gets handled by a competent company. We deal with these companies all of the time and we can do a great job at pairing you up with someone who can meet your requirements.


Approximately 30 years in business

We have been operating out of Long Island, NY for many years and know its market and surrounding markets very well.

We have a broad and diverse range of metals and most of our sales staff have 20-30 years of experience each working with many different types of metals.

About Us